Collaborator is an international monthly digital magazine, which explores how we can advance society by working together.

We are looking for work that is thoughtful and beautiful; work that stimulates discussion, reframes perspectives, and encourages initiative. We can accept prose, interviews, photography and video for inclusion in the magazine. If your work is selected for publication, you will have your name, picture and website listed alongside your piece. Content may be edited for brevity, clarity, etc.

While new content is wonderful, we are happy to receive repurposed work – previously released content you own that is sitting static on your site. Why not give it a new lease on life and direct your readers to become Collaborators, themselves?

We will accept feature pieces on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • The Political Realm – Collaboration between individuals and/or institutions for the social good.
  • In The Media – Ground zero of the global social discourse, where we reframe and define anew.
  • Environment – Examples of loving the planet, one brick or blade of grass at a time.
  • Business – Social entrepreneurship and other cool examples of business as service.
  • Personal Well-being – Spiritual, mental, financial, bodily. What will do you good?
  • Arts & Culture – How is humanity expressing itself? Original works and reviews are both great.
  • Science & Technology – Where the invented moves society forward and makes life easier.

Contact us today to discuss your submissions!

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