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The Struggle, Con’t: Reader Responses

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Last week, I shared “The Struggle” on LinkedIn under the tagline: “Remember to care for yourself… and avoid burnout”. I asked how people maintain their mental health during intense periods of  service. The response from readers across many groups was wonderful and I’m including some of the comments below for the wider readership’s benefit. Many readers expressed appreciation for the reminder to care for themselves and some gave great examples which were helpful for me and I hope you too!

Waves of stressful periods come and go. How do you maintain your mental health when it seems you’re serving everyone at the same time?


This is really a big issue for many of us who seem to be burning the candle at both ends. Thanks for reminding us to wind down.


… For years I felt guilty taking time to myself until recently I learned that you are no service to nobody unless you take care of yourself. Now I schedule time to myself to meditate, go for walks and simply enjoy the beauty of life by living and focusing on the present. Having and maintaining this inner peace has allowed me to perform and service others better.


“Change the immediate environment. In my case, the work I do for non-profits is the change, the stress being the caregiving and managing a complicated household. I find “getting lost” in others’ problems, especially if I can do something to ameliorate them, keeps me sane and healthy.

“Assuming the stress you are talking about comes from your non-profit work, try getting immersed in different interests, be they athletic (running is excellent, especially working your way up to marathons), skiing, mountain climbing, surfing, or in artistic interests, the ballet, classical music, theater.

Bracket a time of the week that is exclusively yours. Perhaps Sunday mornings, 9 AM to noon. Nobody can book you for anything, plan anything including you, or disturb you, and remain firm about it. That will henceforth be your time to do whatever you do by yourself to unstress.”


…I have decided to take time every Thursday and run with my 15 year old while she rollerblades with me. The time builds our connection and allows me to focus on her. Thanks for the reminder to keep working at it!


Just look at the Holy Bible… Plenty of help there! I find that Proverbs is the best “Management Book” ever written.


Its a hard lesson to learn .. but ‘being responsible’ doesn’t have to mean a CEO does it all himself [or herself] … the trick is to delegate tasks clearly to others with defined timeframes .. and monitor performance .. and reward success in an appropriate manner


Very true! It can happen very easily and quickly but take you a long time to get back to a good place of health, wellness, fitness, and vitality. Remember, it’s a lifestyle!

So, dear reader – how do you unwind and de-stress, in order to keep up your service activities?

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