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Movin’ out, to move up: Women side stepping the glass ceiling

Glass CeilingI was reading a discussion the other day about the importance of recognizing and effecting the equality between women and men. One participant highlighted how many women are becoming corporate consultants. The immediate benefit is that they are able to work on their own terms, set their own hours, and are valued, visible and recognized as experts in their field.

This was the latest comment I’d recently seen in a string of pieces either about women or by women and the world of work, such as this one. I’m also coming in contact with increasing numbers of women who run their own businesses / consulting firms in my work with Collaborator Magazine. So either its an increasing trend, or I’m just becoming more aware of it.

Either way, let’s think about the significance of this. Sometimes the best way to address a situation is to re-frame it, to define it on your own terms. It would seem that as some women hit the glass ceiling at work – both in terms of promotion and pay – stepping out from under that ceiling and learning to apply one’s trade according to a different framework of rules is becoming increasingly attractive. Don’t like the way the boys have structured the game? Play a different game. And according to some theories of change, as people absent themselves from the old structures, the good-ol’-boys will either recognize the need for some serious core adjustments, or they’ll atrophy and wither away.

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