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Yesterday was kinda big. I apparently “won” a copy of the book The Collaborative Organization via Hootsuite. (OK, the title has me intrigued.) Upon reading, I will learn “how business collaboration can make the world a better place”. No doubt!

Yesterday was also the first full day my first app – Collage It! – was live in the App Store. I for one will testify that collaboration in business, can be better for business. In designing my app, I had some ideas for free background graphics to include as packets to be sold as in-app purchases. However, I am not a graphic designer. I may be able to muddle my way through some things, but for an artsy picture framing and collaging app, I’ve learned that collaborating with a team that includes a coder, a professional graphic designer, and a project manager will result in a product that looks a gazillion times better than what I had been thinking up. Actually, in retrospect, what I had been thinking up would have looked down right horrible. We can all be glad it never materialized.

So – here’s to collaboration in business, knowing our strengths and weaknesses, and understanding when it’s time to step into the arena, and when to step aside!

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