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Collaborating 101 – Inter-Organizational Partnerships

In addition to being a community coordinator and a magazine publisher, I also do financial social work. (Yes, I’m busy, but oh-so-well-rounded.) I recently took on a position as a financial coach, operating out of a county multi-service center, with about 10 different agencies housed therein. As I went through the back-log of service referrals … Continue reading

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Collaborating 102 – Accompaniment

I work with an all volunteer community coordinating and training organization. One of the challenges we are repeatedly faced with is the turn-over of coordinators, who serve for a period and then, due to various life circumstances, need to relinquish their leadership responsibilities. To be fair, the coordinating work is on top of all their … Continue reading

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Collaborating 101 – Management

Collaboration isn’t just for granola crunching community organizers. It can be a powerful tool in almost any workplace in any sector. It can make a team or a whole institution flexible, adaptive and responsive to internal and external realities, helping to ensure longevity, and driving increases in performance quantity and quality. Managers, supervisors and leaders … Continue reading