Collaborator Magazine is rapidly becoming the world’s most sought after media source for guidance and stories on how to transform society through personal service and social innovation and enterprise.

It’s goal is to help individuals, nonprofits, NGOs, and social enterprises be more effective through sustainable activity and collaborative partnerships.

Are YOU a Collaborator?
The magazine’s community is striving to make a difference in the world, and to do it in novel, entrepreneurial ways that invest in the community, harmonize our relationships, and are successfully sustainable. It is a global community of people who make things happen. Many have their own businesses or side projects they’ve started, and are committed to making the world right. They’re in the grassroots and are committed to playing fairly, are conscientious and build partnerships because it’s the natural thing to do. In the Collaborator’s world, competition is either out-dated, antithetical, or friendly banter in the spirit of service.

We invite you to join us. Collaborator Magazine is now available on Scribd. Subscribe or download and you will get access to tons of great content. Inspired to comment? Connect with the magazine and readers online via the LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook integration links.

Join the Collaborator community! We look forward to meeting you.

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